Patient Guide Policy

Patient Guide

Updated Feb 2020

Cardiff Beauty Clinic
866 Newport Road


Registered Manger:  Charlotte McNeill


Cardiff Government Buildings phase;
Ty Glas
CF14 5SH

Contact number: 02920263120

Summary of the statement of purpose:

The aim of the clinic is to provide the highest level of expertise in IPL treatment of vascular lesions (rosacea, thread veins) skin rejuvenation, long term hair removal. Treatments are offered to all over the age of 18 years old the cost of which is published on the attached price list. Prior to treatment commencing a thorough consultation will take place where the treatment is explained in detail, verbally and in writing, and a patch test will be given, to assess skin reaction. Treatment can then take place 7 days later. At all times clients will be treated with dignity and respect, with attention to privacy and all information treated as confidential.

Charlotte McNeill is the registered manager and has been a beauty specialist for 15 years carrying out training in Oct 2016 for IPL treatments.

She holds a Level 4 beauty therapy certificate, IP and Laser Level 4 qualification and is currently ongoing CPD development. Charlotte attends courses, workshops and seminars regularly to remain updated with skills and techniques.

Terms and conditions:

We are required by law to seek your consent for us to send details of your treatment to your GP. During a consultation we will ask for your GP details. If you do not consent for these details to be provided, if the need should arise we will need to pass details of your treatment directly to you for your own reference so you can pass them on to your GP.

Initial consultations are free of obligation and free of charge. We would patch test free of charge. Treatment prices are fixed and are available on the website price list. Payment is due in full at the time of treatment.

Value packages are available for those who pay in advance for a course of multiple treatments. All treatments are non-refundable and prepaid courses are non-transferable. Skin care products purchased from us are also non-refundable.

The clinic implements a cancellation policy. Any appointment booked and not attended will carry for cancellations when given 24 hours’ notice but would appreciate the earliest notice if you are unable to attend. Cardiff Beauty Clinic reserves the right to wave the charge. 

Children are not allowed into the laser-controlled areas and Cardiff Beauty Clinic is unable to supervise children left unattended in the waiting room. Please do not bring children under the age of 10 unless a responsible adult is accompanying you. 

Hair Removal:

Superfluous hair is a common problem nowadays for both men and women as we live in a society that is becoming increasingly trichophobia and more attention seems to be placed upon personal appearance and grooming.

Charlotte and staff have trained and used two systems of IPL.

The system used produces desired results on a wide range of skin and hair types much more quickly and comfortably than electrolysis. The colour pigment in the hair, melanin, absorbs the light when it is flashed across the skin causing the hair follicle to heat up thus restricting the follicles ability to produce another hair.

Cardiff Beauty Clinic purchased the equipment in Jan 2017 and this piece of equipment enables the clinic to treat clients with finer, fairer hair than has previously been possible. For all clients this means fewer treatments and less financial outlay. 

Vascular Treatments:

Charlotte and staff have been trained in vascular lesions since Oct 2017. On selected, suitable clients it is effective but can be a gradual process as each capillary is treated individually. Charlotte McNeill has undergone training with IPL Centres to treat vascular lesions, tread veins and rosacea with the IPL System.

Rosacea is a common condition of unknown cause affecting facial skin. It usually appears when people reach 30-40 and manifests as a flushing/redness on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. If left untreated it can worsen and the redness can increase. Bumps and pimples and small dilated blood vessels become viable.

Thread veins and telangiectasia can be simply treated with IPL. They tend to occur on the face and legs and generally consist of fine visible veins appearing near the surface of the skin. They can increase over time. Leg thread veins are very common, 1 in 5 women find them very embarrassing and distressing. Only fine veins on legs can be successfully treated. 

Skin Rejuvenation:

This is becoming more popular as society is increasingly interested anti – ageing treatments and products. It is less traumatic or costly than surgery, microdermabrasion and the skin recovery is quick. Charlotte McNeill has undergone training to carry out treatments to remove ‘sun spots’ and to stimulate skin rejuvenation with the IPL System.

Acne Treatments:

All therapists have undergone training for this treatment and have seen great benefits this distressing skin condition.

Standard Forms of Contract: 

All treatments will only be carried out after a detailed prior consultation between the patient and the practitioner. Standard forms of contract for hair removal, vascular lesions and combined facial therapy are attached. A patch test is carried out prior to a treatment and a time lase of at least 48 hours must precede treatment. Upon signing your consent, you are confirming that you understand the benefits and risks of treatment. In addition, you are also acknowledging that no guarantee can be given with regard to clinical outcome. 

Results of the consultation:

Consultations are carried out prior to any laser/IPL treatment in order to confirm your suitability for treatment. We discuss your expectations and provide a thorough explanation of the treatments provided. Any questions you may have will be addressed and any possible risks or side effects highlighted. 

Consultation Procedure:

Prior to any treatment the operator will provide a full consultation with the client. The consultation will identify the expectations of the client and provide a complete explanation of the treatment provided. Any questions the client has wall be addressed and a medical history will be taken to identify any possible problems or contraindications. A full explanation of the possible risks and side effects will be discussed and written informed consent will be obtained from the patient. The patient will be able to take away an information leaflet and contact telephone number for further questions that will outline the treatment and details covered during the consultation.

The consultation will also identify the necessary parameters for treatments on a particular client. Prior to treatment, a patch test will be carried out to confirm that there are no adverse reactions to the light. A comprehensive record of the consultation and any future treatments will be stored in a secure filing cabinet. 

Additional Information:

Any information we hold about you is kept in accordance with the DPA. You may have access to your own records at any reasonable time. Copies can be also be made with 24 hours’ notice a payment of a £10 administrative charge is applied.

Summary of complaints procedure:

At Cardiff Beauty Clinic we value and respect all of our clients, as such we have a fully transparent and accessible complaints policy and producers for all service users to follow which will address any dissatisfaction which may arise.

Reporting a complaint:

We ask that all complaints come directly to us at Cardiff Beauty Clinic so that they can be dealt with professionally, discreetly and confidentially. Find out more about our complaints procedure here.

If you are unhappy with how our complaint has been dealt with you can directly contact HIW:

Cardiff Government Buildings phase;
Ty Glas
CF14 5SH

02920 263120

A full confidentiality policy will be added to our website.

Summary of patients views:

Prior to our most recent inspection HIW questionnaires were given to patients to obtain views on services provided:

Overall patient feedback was very positive, all of the patients who completed a questionnaire rated the care and treatment they were provided with as excellent. Patient comments on the questionnaire included the following. 

‘All staff are excellent and professional. I felt comfortable throughout treatments and the staff are approachable and friendly. Would highly recommend them to friends and family’

‘Staff are amazing. I always get informed about treatment’

‘Spot on service with friendly staff’

‘I feel the staff and setting to be totally perfect for the services I require’

All full questionnaire is available at the clinic on request.


Any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us using one of the options below.

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