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Semi-permanent eyebrows

You know what they say, eyebrows are what frame your face. We’ve all heard it before, but the struggle is real. Whether yours are flat, arched, sharp, straight, thin, thick, bold or barely there, eyebrows have the ability to completely change how we look. No wonder we’ve become obsessed with our brows. While some of us are blessed with naturally perfect brows, quite a few of us need a helping hand to get the perfect shape for our face. Forget spending time filling your eyebrows in every day. We offer Microblading, a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that can save you time and give you brows that can rival Cara’s.*

The procedure is carried out by our qualified technicians using a specialist hand-tool which holds disposable microblades. The tool puts the finest of hairs back into eyebrows and is designed to produce the best definition and dimension possible.*

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Treatment at a glance

Procedure Time

2 hours

Back to work



Topical cream

Full recovery


Sensitivity period

1 - 2 days estimated

No. of treatments

1 - 2



Results duration

1 - 3 years*

Potential risks

Redness, sensitivity, mild swelling

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person

In the news

Microblading is pretty much the norm in Hollywood. Disney’s ‘it girl’ Bella Thorne took to Snapchat and Instagram to document her transformation and appeared in Teen Vogue!*


The science

The microblade that our beauticians use deposits the required pigment into the superficial dermis of the skin. The manual blade penetrates only the very top layer of skin, so our technicians can create individual, bespoke and crisp hair strokes which should look like natural eyebrow hair (even up close!).*




Senior Specialist

Includes top up at 8 weeks

Any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us using one of the options below.

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What colour will my eyebrows be?

Pigments are selected to suit each individual's skin tone and hair colouring. Immediately after treatment, the colour does appear darker due to skin reaction and oxidation. This should soften and fade significantly during the healing process.*

Does it hurt?

We will apply a topical anaesthetic cream to the area and wait for the area to numb before treatment. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but for most, treatment should just be uncomfortable.*

Is there any down time?

No! You should be able to go to work on the same day or be in a public place. After the treatment, your skin will be red and you may experience minimal swelling. The colour will be intensified at first, but should fade during the healing process.*

Can they get wet?

We advise that you do not wet your eyebrows for a week after treatment. This includes staying away from physical activity where you are likely to sweat.

What if I’m not happy with them?

Before we carry out treatment, we will draw the shape onto your brows and will only start treatment when you are completely happy with the shape.

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