Skin care rules to live by this winter

September 26 2019

Autumn’s officially arrived, and winter is on its way. This means plummeting temperatures, steaming hot showers, harsh winds and central heating - all things that unfortunately don't lend themselves to a soft, radiant complexion. So, we’ve spoken to our Cardiff Beauty Clinic experts and rounded up their essential rules for looking after your skin during winter. 

1. Wear SPF!

Whilst there is less UVB around in autumn and winter, levels of UVA are still significant enough to age our skin so use sun protection with a high UVA rating all year round.

2. Book your treatments

As professional treatments can be at risk of damaging your skin if exposed to sun afterwards, winter is the perfect time to treat yourself to that peel or laser treatment. Correct that summer UV damage with one of our skin treatments here.

3. Rethink your regime

Your skin will become drier and often more sensitive with the onset of colder weather and central heating so a new season is the time to re-evaluate your skincare regime. Your skin may need a more luxurious moisturiser during the colder months to keep it hydrated.

4. Moisturise frequently

Maintain healthy skin by moisturizing frequently in the winter months and don't forget your hands.

5. Stay hydrated

Dry skin won’t just be solved by piling on creams, your hydration levels also affect your complexion.

Without adequate water levels, your skin will appear dull, and fine lines, wrinkles, scars and pores will appear exaggerated as the face essentially shrinks into its tightest position. Drink the recommended two litres of water a day (at the minimum).

6. Give yourself a dose of vitamin C

The holy grail in skin brightening, when your skin needs an extra boost in winter it has to be vitamin c. We recommend Skin Ceuticals cult product C E Ferulic. This patented daytime vitamin C serum delivers advanced environmental protection and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and brightens skin's complexion. The perfect winter pick me up! Available to purchase at Cardiff Beauty Clinic. 


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