Balearic Island Beauty Hacks to Fall in Love With This Summer

July 16 2019

No matter what your skin type on paper, our beautician has the perfect beauty hack to get that bronzed Love Island babe look. You glow girl…


Forget the rigorous contour routine, this summer is all about the natural deep bronzed look. Make like Molly- Mae and sweep a deep matte brown shade across your cheeks, bridge of nose and top of forehead to achieve a week’s tan in seconds!


Nothing says summer island babe like beautiful glowing skin and thankfully when the sun is out, more is more when it comes to highlighter. Use an angled brush to accentuate tops of cheekbones, tip of nose and cupids bow for luminosity Maura would be proud of!


This sultry hack is easy on the eye and the purse – simply use your deep matte bronzer as a shadow to contour eyelids and accentuate eyes for a golden look to take you from beach to bar. Perfect for giving Amber style side eyes…


Make up’s not just for your face and we reckon the Love Island girls don’t get those perfectly shimmering legs just from sitting around on the sun loungers. Body makeup is the perfect way to instantly hide imperfections, tan skin and give a Balearic glow. Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have both created products that claim to do just that, but if you’re budget isn’t A list simply add your favourite shimmery bronze eyeshadow to your body lotion for an instant homemade version!

Discover more tips and get the ultimate summer makeover at Cardiff Beauty Clinic. Book in for your makeup for just £30 now. 

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