Skin-positive blogger slams Instagram trolls

January 15 2018

Six out of ten Brits suffer from acne or another related skin condition in their lives, and yet it’s one of the top subjects that many bullies and online trolls use to ridicule people. Skin-positive blogger Em Ford has recently hit back at Instagram trolls for bombarding her with humiliating personal questions about her skin. The blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel ‘My Pale Skin’ developed adult acne in 2015, and has used these online platforms to talk about all things skin-related, from high coverage makeup tutorials to skincare products.

Em Ford, who has over a million followers on Instagram, has coped with online trolls for years, but sees the problem getting worse and couldn’t stay silent any longer. Receiving comments such as 'I don't understand why you don't go the doctor?' and 'Are you taking accutane?', Em hit back saying, 'How would YOU feel if someone stopped you on the street and asked you any of the above? Online = Real life. There’s no difference. [...] And if you don’t see any issues with asking for someone to disclose their medical history... then why don’t you go to therapy for your lack of compassion towards other people?’

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As many of our clients come to us struggling with the skin condition, we understand how hurtful these comments can be, and how the condition can affect your confidence and life. Acne can be the physical result from a variety of both lifestyle and health problems. From eating too much spicy food, to unavoidable hormone imbalances, and even just your boyfriend’s beard, there are thousands of possibilities for acne occurrence. When 60% of us suffer with bad skin at some point in our lives, why don’t we give each other a break and let us deal with our skin on our own, however we see fit?

If your skin is bothering you and you’re looking for help, we offer a range of skin treatments at our clinic that can help to clear up acne. Our wide range of peels give congested skin the boot, whilst Medical Microdermabrasion and  and our Dermaroller treatments can kick start your skin’s regeneration. You can give us a call on 02920 364500 for a free consultation that will help you choose the right treatment for your skin.

In the meantime, keep your chin up and stay confident, because confidence is beautiful!


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