Waterproof Makeup Lasting Up To 18 Months?!

May 26 2017

Finally the sun’s out! Bring on sun-kissed skin, an ice-cream or two, a few glasses of wine, and fun in the water. But with the heat comes the unavoidable issue of sweat, which is the culprit for our melting makeup. Luckily, our beauty therapists provide semi-permanent makeup which can not just last you all summer, but for up to 18 months!*

What is semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup includes eyeliner, lip blush and eyebrows, and is achieved by placing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Semi-permanent make up uses colour pigmentation to create a beautiful yet natural effect that can last for up to 18 months.* The benefits of this makeup are noticeable from the moment you get up and look in the mirror, and the effect stays with you from morning through to night, day after day. The treatment is amazing for the summer months as it is water and sweat proof!*

How does it work?

We use a specialist facial tattooing machine, working at a much lower frequency than a standard tattoo machine. To apply pigment, we use very fine needles to the desired area. But don’t panic if you don’t like the thought of needles! We use anaesthetic on the area beforehand, and the sensation is that of an electric toothbrush being held against your skin. You should feel vibrations but no discomfort.*

Does it look natural?

It can look as dramatic or as natural as you would like. The pigment is buildable, so we can start with the smallest amount of pigment and continue until you’re happy with the finished look.*

Does it really last up to 18 months?

Each and every client is different. After the first treatment, you will need a top up at 4 weeks. The treatment can then last up to 18 months. If you are looking for even longer lasting makeup, we recommend another top up at 12-18 months. Regular maintenance will be needed depending on your own situation. This is so varied as lifestyle plays a role in how quick the pigment fades. This can be from sun exposure, the speed of skin cell regeneration and the colour you chose. No matter your lifestyle, semi-permanent makeup is much longer lasting than the makeup in your makeup bag and totally worth it!*

See for yourself

You can see the results for yourself on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so make sure you check them out! If you’re interested in our semi-permanent makeup treatments, give us a ring or drop us an email and we’ll give you a free consultation.

* Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person


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