Get To Know Steph

April 07 2017

Hello Everyone! I’m Steph, the newest newbie at Cardiff Beauty Clinic. People don’t seem to be the newbie for long here at the clinic! So while I am the newbie, I thought you’d like to get to know me…

I have been in the Beauty Industry for 9 years, and I have an NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy and an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty & Spa Therapy. In the past, I’ve worked in a spa, a salon and an Aesthetic Skin Clinic, so I’ve worked across all aspects and environments in the beauty industry.

I am qualified to use Laser and IPL for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and veins, and I am also qualified to use Dermaroller and Dermastamp and specialise in Microderm, Advanced skincare and peels including Resurface Peels, Chemical Peels and the Caci Non Surgical Facelift. Last but not least, I’m qualified in both Electrolysis and Advanced Electrolysis. This includes Electrolysis for white hairs and Advanced Electrolysis for Skin Tags, Milia, Warts, Cherry Angiomas and Red Veins.

As you can probably tell by my list of qualifications, I love the aesthetic side of beauty as it’s results driven, and I enjoy being able to help people improve their skin if they have acne, pigmentation, scarring or just want to boost their general skin complexion.

I’m bringing SkinCeuticals into the clinic with me as it’s a Cosmeceutical skincare brand which I’m passionate about and have used for quite a few years both in work on clients and at home on myself. Pretty soon, we’re going to be offering skin treatments and products for you to take home to carry on the effects of your treatment in clinic or just to improve your home routine with a gold standard skincare brand.

I’m looking forward to working alongside the talented therapists here at Cardiff Beauty Clinic, and I can’t wait to help the people of Cardiff on their journey to perfect skin!

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