How To Slim Down Fast Before Your Wedding

April 25 2017

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re getting married! The best day of your life is just around the corner! If you’re getting hitched this summer, just about now things are starting to pick up and your calendar is probably looking pretty full. With dress fittings, hair trials, cake tasting, and all those decorations that you’re trying to DIY from Pinterest, it’s highly likely that you don’t have much time for yourself now and in the near future; am I right ladies?

With all this stress usually comes a few glasses of wine (especially on the hen night) and maybe even a chocolate binge, which isn’t helping the fact that you want to look the best you possibly can in your wedding dress. But don’t panic, we’ve all been there! And we’ve got the solution that works wonders.

We offer Fat Freezing, a revolutionary alternative to liposuction which can banish relentless fat for good. The FDA approved procedure cools your fat cells to near freezing so they crystallise, shatter and die. The body should then eliminates the cells in the weeks to follow, reducing up to 40% of fat in the treated area. The procedure is non-surgical, lasting between 1 and 2 hours with no down time. You should start seeing results from 2 weeks after your treatment, with your full results revealing themselves at 16 weeks. So now is the time to book in! The treatment is great for brides-to-be that want to slim down before the big day, but make sure you book in a dress fitting the week or a few days before the big day to make sure your dress fits perfectly.*

You can find more information about Fat Freezing here, which includes our answers to frequently asked questions and some amazing before and afters. If you’re interested and want to learn more, you can give us a call on 02920 364500 or drop us an email on We would love to chat to you about your situation and what we can do to help. You can also find before and afters on both our Facebook and Instagram pages, so it’s worth checking us out there and giving us a like or follow.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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