Get to know Laura

February 25 2017

Hi everyone! I’m Laura, the latest addition to the team at Cardiff Beauty Clinic. Being the newbie, this blog post is the perfect way for you to get to know me.

I have been in the Beauty Industry for many years, and I am NVQ Level 2 & 3 Beauty & Spa Qualified. The one thing that drew me to the industry was the power of making people more confident, a hard art to master! For many people, taming those unruly eyebrows is a small step to feeling human again, making all the difference to their confidence.

One of the biggest confidence boosters is achieving clear skin. There are so many people out there that suffer with their skin, whether it’s too dry, too oily, acne prone or scarred; perfect and radiant skin feels like it’s hard to come by. Having always been interested in how to achieve clear skin, I furthered my knowledge in skin care by attending the Dermal Institute in Exeter where I became a “Skin Expertise” in Dermalogica. I’m always excited to learn new treatments and gain new skills by attending courses to offer my clients the latest treatments.

One of my all time favourite treatments has to be Microdermabrasion. To see the results is really satisfying, especially when you know you’re helping them with their skin and boosting their confidence. I am also extremely proficient at Threading & Waxing.

I believe the key to a Therapist & Client relationship is gaining trust. From my experience, I have built some amazing client relationships, gaining clients who have stayed with me throughout my career. There’s nothing better than a therapist you can really talk to about your beauty problems (and sometimes life problems!)

I love being able to work alongside really talented therapists here at Cardiff Beauty Clinic, and I always enjoy the opportunity to apply my experience, education and love of this profession to give the client an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Make sure you check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages to get some marvellous before and afters! I look forward to seeing you soon and using my expertise to make you look and feel good!


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